NET ZERO WILL PAUSE GLOBAL WARMING- we really all need to contribute!

A new study has shown that if the world as a whole was to achieve TRUE NET ZERO then temperatures would stop rising and pause climate change.

Reversing the increases in temperature we have already experienced will take centuries, but pausing global warming will, in short SAVE THE WORLD!

By Carl Harris, Co-Founder, Rewards.Earth

Media reports frequently claim that the world is facing “committed warming” in the future as a result of past emissions, meaning higher temperatures are “locked in”, “in the pipeline” or “inevitable”, regardless of the choices society takes today.

The best available evidence shows that, on the contrary, warming is likely to more or less stop once carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reach zero, meaning humans have the power to choose their climate future.

From Carbon Brief 

The other day someone said to me

What’s the point in planting trees when China are building so many coal fired power stations?

This is a fair observation to make. China’s “economic miracle” has seen the country become the world’s second-largest economy and though this has pulled nearly a billion people out of poverty this progress has been built on a boom in energy from coal, meaning China has also become the world’s largest carbon polluter by far.

We must rely on our governments to deal with macro issues like this on the world stage. 

Rewards.Earth is about empowering and guiding individuals to play their part, to live a carbon neutral life and become the climate change hero that the world needs. Together we can achieve NET ZERO emissions and save the world.

We as individuals can only do what we can do. The world needs saving. Future generations will tell the story about how the world was saved and there will be heroes and villains, just like any blockbuster where the fate of the world is at stake. 

The choice is yours, are you a goodie or a badie? Our aim at Rewards.Earth is to provide a platform and a helping hand for you to be a climate change hero.

There is no question that the world needs saving from global warming and climate change, science is almost universally agreed on that. The deniers are not scientists and go into the same bracket as those who argue the world is flat or that 5G caused Covid19. 

If humanity at a personal and individual level lived a carbon neutral life then collectively we would achieve a net zero position very quickly. The way to be carbon neutral is most easily achieved by planting trees. Rewards.Earth is your platform to do that easily, cheaply and most effectively. 

People constantly ask me what net zero actually means.

It is quite simply where the balance between CO2 produced and pumped into the atmosphere is equal or less than the carbon removed and oxygen produced by plants, trees and the biosphere. In other words we stop making the air less full of oxygen and more full of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases like methane.

Worryingly new figures came out this week showing that things are worse than first feared. Based on geological evidence collected over the six decades scientists have been tracking atmospheric CO₂, this year’s peak appears to be the highest in as long as 4.5 million years. This continued accumulation of greenhouse gas is driving dangerous global heating around the world. (read more)

Everything we are seeing now is that temperatures are going up faster than predicted, ice caps melting at an increased rate, leading to rises in sea levels. This is on top of the accelerated emissions the world is producing. 

But amongst this apocalyptic news is the good news. Achieving Net Zero will stop temperatures rising and that will save the world.

What is also good news is the solution is so simple, it is to plant more trees and let nature do the hard work. If we all planted trees to offset Co2 we would save the world. Trees store carbon dioxide and covert it into oxygen. Trees, Trees and more Trees is what the world needs.

The power is in our hands, mine, yours, each and everyone, all 7.5 billion people on Earth to be the climate change heroes of this period in history. Together we can save the world, the future depends on you being the hero of this story.