White Label  Loyalty / Rewards API

With the Rewards.Earth API you can integrate a green Rewards Programme within your existing platform. This can be operated in a number of ways;

  • Complete White Label Solution– under your own brand within your own platform
  • Powered by Rewards.Earth – under your brand but making it clear that you have contracted us as a third party specialist in CO2 offsetting
  • Managed by Rewards.Earth– using our brand and platform with complete brand segmentation. 

Our API makes it easy to add a new customer and to plant trees on their behalf. We will invoice you monthly for the trees and manage the reward / loyalty programme serving real-time updates within your own platform showing the beneficial impact your are having on the environment. 

The layout and format is can be completely bespoke to seamless integrate within your digital customer facing platform.

API Functionality / Process Flow

Upon commercial agreement we will supply you your API KEY and documentation. 

Individual Customer

  • Customer Registration – you can register an individual user / customer. This can be anonymous using unique identifier (Customer URN etc) to overcome privacy / commercial confidentiality issues.
  • Tree Planting Request – having set the qualification parameters send request to API with 
    • Customer URN
    • Tree Type
    • Quantity
  • Customer Metrics Request – an individuals personal dashboard will be updated in real-time, showing 
    • How long they have been climate positive
    • How much CO2 they have offset from the trees planted
    • How many trees they have planted
  • Tree Detailing (if required)- we can provide details of where the trees have been planted with updated generic content showing the positive impact of those projects.


In addition to serving and managing individual customer data we can serve in real-time data for you to display on your website to reinforce your green credentials, which has been proven to be a factor is consumer purchasing decisions. 

Data can be served based on any parameters from daily, to all-time.