Trees are the most effective way to tackle climate change with no technology able to do what trees do naturally to lock in carbon. It’s very simple…

Become a Climate Hero & Save the Planet One Tree at a Time.

If we all plant enough trees to offset our personal carbon emissions footprint we will achieve our net zero target by 2030. makes it easy for you to play your part. 

Who We Are…

Two friends came together with a simple idea, to create a platform that allows individuals to do their bit to fight climate change. We believe that if everyone did their bit and lived carbon neutral then we could reverse global warning. You can meet the team here.

Why We Do It…

We created Rewards.Earth with this simple philosophy the fundamental core aim of the company. To us it seems straightforward. Trees are nature’s way of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so as co2 increases the world needs more trees. Sadly the reality is the world is losing trees.

The World is Losing More than 18 Million of Acres of Rain Forest Every Year!

To put that into context, one and a half acres of forest are cut down every second. That is a staggering statistic, so staggering that by the end of the 21st century at this rate there will be no rain forests left on Earth. Again for context 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon rain-forest.

At the same time that the world is losing trees, harmful carbon dioxide levels are rising, and rising at an alarming rate. In April 2021 atmospheric carbon dioxide reached a daily average of 421 parts per million, 50% higher than levels measured before the industrial revolution. These are levels higher than at anytime in the last 3.6 million years. The world is heading for a climate disaster, the science is definitive, but it is not too late to reverse this.

On an individual level, we can play our part and live carbon neutral. We created Rewards.Earth to do just that. We make it easy for you to plant trees to offset your personal carbon footprint. Our company mission statement is just one line,

To Make Tomorrow Better Today.

Our objectives are simply;

  1. To fight climate change by allowing individuals to live carbon neutral by planting trees
  2. To support projects that do more than just plant trees
  3. To help people and communities both in the UK and around the world improve their lives
  4. To protect and improve the environment for wildlife and the biosphere
  5. To inform and update people about the facts about climate change, without being radical, political or controversial.

How We Do it….

We want Rewards.Earth to be the best and to maximise both the impact on carbon and the benefit the projects we support have on people’s lives. The projects we support are carefully selected with these principals in mind. We work with carefully selected partners and the projects we support, we feel, do more than just plant trees. Read more about our projects here.

We are very proud to be working with the Green Task Force and supporting the Armed Forces Covenant helping veterans in the UK, in so many ways. By planting trees with Rewards.Earth you will be helping veterans and their families. Having seen first-hand how Nature Based Therapy helps overcome PTSD we are committed to doing as much as we can to support this. Your support also leads to veterans gaining long term employments and nationally recognized qualifications.

It is amazing that from only £3.99 a month, just 93p a week we can do all this together.

  1. Offset your annual carbon footprint and live carbon neutral
  2. Support reforestation around the world
  3. Help overseas communities build a better future
  4. Preserve and protect wildlife habitat and the biosphere
  5. Plant UK trees and support army veterans overcome PTSD and gain employment

We called the company Rewards.Earth because with a combined career totaling over a century, the four co-founders have never found anything professionally more rewarding!


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