Typical Carbon Impacts

It is believed that every individual in the UK has a Co2 Footprint of between 10 and 20 tons per year.

  • Average smartphone use (3.25hrs a day) = a 4.5-ton Co2 footprint per year*
  • The Average motorist in the UK (15k miles per year) = a 4-ton Co2 footprint per year (depends on vehicle)
  • Average household energy use is around 10 tons of Co2 per household per year
  • A return flight from London to New York has an individual Co2 footprint of almost 2 tons of Co2
  • Even a latte coffee has a 340g Co2 footprint!

*Source Carbon Trust

But planting one tree in the UK will offset 1 ton of Co2, over its lifetime. Our plans start from as little as £3.99 a month – which will offset your annual carbon footprint. 

The world is losing more than 7.3m hectares (18m acres) of forest every year, the equivalent of 27 football pitches every minute, which causes a vast reduction of the planet’s carbon sinks, as well as a staggering loss of biodiversity **