Our Impact

A CAse for the conscious

caseym was born to create and develop reasonably priced protection products for mobile phones without causing unnecessary environmental impact. Together at Rewards.Earth and caseym we know the value of collaboration towards achieving the UN sustainable development goals and we want to help you, to help our environment and collective futures. Click below to sign up to a Rewards.Earth package.

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Social Responsibility

We already know you want to do the right thing. Rewards.Earth work with the Green Task Force whose purpose is to support veterans on their pathway to resettlement, whilst helping our planet at the same time. Check out our UK Tree planting tariffs here.

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get involved

Rewards.Earth have made it easy for you to plant trees both in the UK and across the globe, benefitting some of the worlds most impoverished communities whilst helping recreate the natural habitat benefitting the landscape and its biodiversity. Take positive climate action and reduce your carbon impact, the plans start at just 93p a week, click to sign up today.

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